When Is It Time?

Customized Solutions and Compassionate Support

shutterstock_211615906‘When is the right time?’ can be a painful question for clients and families. Often times, in our initial conversations, clients and family members  tell us they’ve known something was wrong for months or even years. In many cases, families know when they’ve exhausted every local resource and are desperately seeking out-of-home services. Maybe your child is struggling in school, either academically or with peers, or maybe they're making poor choices. Maybe your young adult child is struggling to launch into independence. Maybe your spouse, partner or family member is experiencing mental health issues in adulthood related to career, relationships, or personal growth. Families are often shocked at what they’ve been experiencing when they are able to distance themselves and take an objective look at their loved one. Whatever the case, making the decision to consider out-of-home placement can be extremely difficult.

The bottom line is... family members must be ready. To this point, you’ve tried to remain positive, believing your child or loved one when they tells you “this time will be different.” Holding out hope that the next professional, the next medication, or the next school year will make the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for. Unfortunately, the truth is, you’ve been here before. Knowing you want to break the cycle and make a different choice is the first step. Asking for help is the second step.

Finding a qualified and experienced professional to guide you through this process is essential. We don’t have to tell you, this is one of the most important decisions  you will make regarding your child's or loved one's future. If you’ve searched the Internet looking for what’s “out there,” you’ve undoubtedly come across some programs that “look pretty good, and say all the right things.” Unfortunately, often times upon visiting in person, we find the program to be nowhere near the quality described on their website or in their brochure. The costs, emotionally and financially, are simply too high to make an uninformed decision. We will guide you and work with you through each step of the process keeping in mind you and your child or loved one's best interests.