Welcome to Cornerstone Therapeutic and Educational Consulting

Living with a struggling child can be traumatic for an entire family. Their actions tell you they are crying out for help, but are often resistant to change.  We specialize in helping families identify the most appropriate treatment and educational options for children and young adults.

Cornerstone Therapeutic and Educational Consulting is here when you have exhausted all known resources to address your child’s educational, behavioral and psychological needs. When you’re feeling hopeless, discouraged, or even scared, and you know your child is endangering their future, it’s time to take action.  We join with you, bringing unique expertise and intimate knowledge of out-of-home educational and treatment options throughout the country, to find solutions to your child's struggles.  


Why use Cornerstone?


With more than a 20 years of experience working with struggling teenagers, D.Christopher White, M.S.W., and Cornerstone Therapeutic and Educational Consulting provide support, planning, crisis management, and an extensive national network of alternative out-of-home educational and therapeutic options. Finding the appropriate out-of-home placement for your child may be one of the most important decisions that you make in your child’s life.

This decision comes at a great cost – both emotionally and financially. Using a personal and individual approach, we work intimately with parents to identify the most appropriate solution.

We maintain the highest ethical standards. We do not receive any compensation from programs and do not engage in the practice of "referrals for referrals." 

The combination of our experience in assessment, psychotherapy, and case management, along with our years of experience in educational settings make us uniquely qualified to match students with programs and to provide appropriate therapeutic and educational plans for families.