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D. Christopher White, M.S.W., Founder

Therapeutic Placement Specialist and Consultant

In 2001, Chris introduced the St. Louis region to specialized therapeutic consulting and created Cornerstone Therapeutic and Educational Consulting, L.L.C. His goal to this day remains providing responsible, therapeutic and educational placement options and ongoing support to families in crisis, as an alternative to traditional out-patient therapy parents deemed ineffective. Over the past 23 years, Chris has maintained the most respected consulting practice in the St. Louis community and region, while creating a national reputation as a leader in his field as recognized by peers, mental health professionals, and treatment programs across the nation.

Chris holds a Master of Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis, and a B.A. in Psychology from Bethany College. At Washington University, Chris’ concentration was Children and Youth with a Specialization in Family Therapy. Chris has been working with adolescents, adults, and families since 1993. Prior to starting Cornerstone, Chris served as therapist and social worker for a day-school treatment and residential program in St. Louis, MO. Additionally, Chris practiced at a behavioral health hospital, also in St. Louis, working with children and adults. His experience includes individual, group, and family therapy in acute in-patient and outpatient settings, as well as day-school and long-term residential settings. His areas of focus include ADD/ADHD, mood related disorders, substance use disorders, spectrum disorders, behavioral and learning disorders, and an array of other adolescent and adult mental health issues.

D. Christopher White, MSW
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Danna Wolf Albright, M.Ed.

Therapeutic Placement Specialist, Consultant

Danna received her Masters Degree in Education from Washington University in St. Louis, MO, and her BS in psychology from Webster University in St. Louis, MO. Her direct service with children and families as teacher, counselor and mentor, eventually led her to serve as Director of Education at a residential treatment center and day treatment program for adolescents in St. Louis, MO. Her knowledge and experience extends to curricula design, behavior management, project design and parent advocacy.

Danna has a particular interest in education and psychological research, and those programs implementing best practices. She has served various non-profit organizations organizing and running projects designed to provide families with education and resources for their specific needs. Danna continues her contact with children and adults through periodic tutoring and meeting them as appropriate throughout this process. As a therapeutic placement specialist, Danna works with clients with a variety of mental health challenges including depression/anxiety and other mood related disorders such as bipolar disorder, ADD/ADHD and behavioral and learning disorders, substance use disorders, neurodiversity(spectrum disorders), and other significant clinical presentations.

Danna Albright

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