What We Provide

Customized Solutions and Compassionate Support

Over 1200 site visits and extensive experience with a wide variety of  therapeutic programs and schools ensures that we have extensive knowledge of the available options. Our knowledge goes deeper than the brochures, videos, and websites typically available to clients and their families. We spend approximately three months a year traveling throughout the country to meet with families and clients, to attend professional conferences, and to assess treatment programs and schools.

We provide a wide range of services assisting parents, families and their loved ones with behavioral health, educational and emotional growth needs, while taking into account a client’s strengths as well as the challenges they are facing.

Immediate support for parents and families

Objective planning and guidance in choosing a placement and designing a plan that meets the psychological, psychiatric, and educational, needs of the client

Maintaining oversight, on-going support and advocacy for the duration of the client’s placement.
First hand knowledge of programs and schools for clients such as:

  • Intensive short-term residential programs and outdoor therapeutic programs for intervention, treatment, and assessment
  • Emotional-growth and therapeutic boarding schools
  • Long-term residential treatment centers
  • Traditional Boarding and Military schools
  • Transitional living programs for clients 18 and older 


shutterstock_268565591For families in the St. Louis region, we have created an alternative for families who have found little relief from traditional therapies or are considering out of home placement. The approach is an intensive, short-term, home-based therapeutic model that targets the specific challenges of individual families in the context of their home, school, and community. Treatment providers are master’s level clinicians who are trained in evidence-based, in-home models. Home Remedy's ultimate goal of family preservation services is to maintain children with their families, or to successfully reunify them after an out of home placement in a hospital setting, therapeutic wilderness program, residential treatment center or therapeutic boarding school. www.homeremedystlouis.com

Momentum Coaching Group assists younger adults between the ages of 18-32, focusing on personal wellness, while developing sustainable skills as they transition to independence. www.momentumcoachingstl.com


shutterstock_159286760Over the past 23 years, we have identified a great number of traditional boarding schools that provide a more individualized boarding school experience in a unique environment for students who have struggled in traditional public or private school settings. We have established tried and proven criteria that we use in determining which traditional boarding schools we recommend for our clients. Additionally, we partner with the most experienced and knowledgeable consultants specializing in traditional boarding schools placements to ensure that no school is overlooked in your child’s search.

shutterstock_172082198College placement work is a very specialized niche. A reputable college placement specialist is going to have at least 15 years of experience and school tours. Again, we partner with experts who have made college consulting their life’s work. Their knowledge, experience, and expertise is unique even in their industry. We make sure each student is matched with a consultant that is ideally suited for their process.